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Troubleshooting Guide: Not Receiving Emails from Buxton
Troubleshooting Guide: Not Receiving Emails from Buxton

Steps to take to whitelist Buxton emails

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If you're experiencing issues with not receiving emails from Buxton, including general communications or messages regarding your account, follow the steps below to troubleshoot and ensure smooth email delivery.

Step 1: Check with Your ISP or IT Department

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have spam filters in place that could be preventing emails from reaching your inbox. To address this, contact your ISP or IT department and inquire about their spam filtering policies. It's possible that the emails from Buxton are being flagged as spam.

Step 2: Whitelisting Buxton's Email Addresses

Many ISPs allow users to whitelist specific email addresses to ensure that desired emails bypass their spam filters. Whitelisting involves marking certain addresses as safe or approved. Below are the email addresses and websites associated with Buxton that you should whitelist:

Email Addresses:


Step 3: ISP-Specific Whitelisting Steps

Please note that the steps for whitelisting may vary depending on your ISP. Below are some general steps for common ISPs, but keep in mind that these instructions may change. If these steps do not apply or do not work for you, check with your ISP or IT department for the latest instructions on whitelisting.

General Steps:

1. Log into your ISP's email portal.

2. Navigate to the spam or junk folder.

3. Look for an option to manage or whitelist contacts.

4. Add the following email addresses to your whitelist:

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure you check both your spam/junk folder and inbox regularly.

  • Periodically review your ISP's spam filter settings for any changes.

If you encounter difficulties or if the provided steps are not applicable to your situation, we recommend contacting your ISP or IT department directly for personalized assistance.

Remember that these steps are intended as a general guide, and specific instructions may vary. Stay informed by checking for the most up-to-date guidance on whitelisting and spam filtering.

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